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My Journey Learning How to String a Racquet

Learning how to string a racquet was no easy to task. I toiled and tried. I worked. My hands got blistered. I cried. I bled. But eventually, I did it. It feels great to know that putting hard work into something you care about eventually plays out. This article walks through my efforts to learn how to find what I ended up choosing as my tennis racquet stringer and my journey to learn how to string a racquet my self.

The Gamma Tennis Stringing Machine

My first stop on the journey to stringing was to decide on a stringing machine. There are so many options so it's tough! I thought about a Gamma, but ended up going with a cheaper version, the Klippermate. It's portable and small. I did most of research on the best tennis stringing machines out there through a website called Tennis Club Supplies. They do a great job of writing reviews about the important factors that will help you decide what the right machine for you is.

After that, once the machine I arrived, I turned my attention to strining! BY FAR, the best bet to learning how to string is to watch some youtube videos. You'll also find that the Professional Tennis Registry has some good resources to get you pointed in the right direction.

Overall, learning this new skill takes one thing and one thing only. Skill! Get practicing and stop reading, and you'll be on your way in no time to stringing racquets for everyone at your tennis club!